All about Adam.

“Live in the moment, and pray for tomorrow.” — Adam Donaldson Powell I have published various literary works: poems, stories, novellas/short novels, literary criticism, essays, art photography criticism; and also work with painting and photography. I was born in the USA, and reside in Norway. I have been a professional visual artist (since 1995) and […]

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  WORLD WAR III: USA VS. RUSSIA? — Revisiting “The tunnel at the end of time”. When the book was first released in 2010, many saw it as extreme sci-fi. Now it seems rather real.   Presenting the introduction to “The tunnel at the end of time” (the sci-fi novel which takes conspiracy theory and […]


HUIT CONTES DE FÈES – dans l’esprit de Charles Perrault et Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet).

    1. LA MARELLE. Un est un nombre, complet en lui-même, que l’on utilise sans cesse … même pour jouer au Pokémon Go. Le premier obstacle est le test d’un pédophile : avec force sourires et gentillesses, il m’appâte en m’offrant un jeu de Pokémon rare. Non merci, non merci … me dis-je en […]

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In hot pursuit

    In hot pursuit.   You are pursuing me – constantly. I can feel the warmth of your intent. It is as passionate as the pheromones exuding from your body and your mind. My defenses can not compete with my desire to become overcome and enslaved by you – in every way, and all […]

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