#StopTheHate. Stop blaming “bad peoples”, “bad interpretations of religion” and “bad ethnicities”. Solve the problem of blind collective animosity, and silence the advocates of hateful philosophies, doctrines and behaviour, outlaw corruption and impoverishment … along with assault weapons, assault drones and bombs, and enslaving financial power schemes. Make hate crimes and hate speech illegal. Teach love and acceptance instead of fear and tolerance.
#StopTheHate — NOW!



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Reflection no. 2: The politics of engagement in turbulent times.

We are living in turbulent times, and the level of insecurity about both present and future has been escalated by a number of factors, including global communications and business/trade, interdependence of nation states, organizations and unions, secret and not-so-secret political alliances, as well as a host of other phenomena that have further supported the humanoid […]

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Je suis Charlie !

I was unfortunately not able to travel to Paris on such short notice, but my engagement and my support of my family and good friends there after the terrorist attacks has been formidable. One of my friends in Paris – who lost one of his best friends in the Charlie Hebdo attack – included photos […]

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