Essays on literary criticism and on multilingual literature.

SHORT AUTHOR BIO: ADAM DONALDSON POWELL (Norway) is a multilingual author, literary critic, and art photography critic; and a professional visual artist. He has published several literary books (including collections of poetry, short stories, and novellas, two science fiction novels, and essays) in the USA, Norway and India; as well as numerous works in international […]

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I am sometimes asked where I get my ideas for painting and writing. In these times, of immediate, constant and comprehensive commercial media and social media documentation of occurrences, images and ideas, it can be difficult to find ideas and motives for both painting and writing that have a possibility of permanence/surviving from one month […]

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Links to four interesting articles related to the business (commercialization) of art.

I have editorialized on the topics of digitalization, fame-hype, book publishing, art copying/stealing and more as regards both art and literature, for many years. Therefore, no comments this time. Read the links and decide for yourselves what you think, as artists and/or art-lovers and collectors: On investing in art Art copying for profit and fun […]

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