To My Beloved (my Sufi poems).

  … three more beautiful poems by Rumi (13th century): Ahhhh … Tonight this dervish shall embrace the Wine Seller, and dance in the flames of drunkenness with my Lover. qaddasa Allahu sirrahu … I too smell the perfume, Master, and I am not far behind you. We shall soon kneel together within the joyous […]

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    AIDS … ALSO A VAMPIRE’S LAMENT. in the spring of our rapture, you assuaged my hunger with gallant love-bites and wept rubescent teardrops as my own offering cascaded willingly into the vessel of your thirst. thereafter, enchanting midnight promenades, serenaded by love-sick werewolves, inevitably climaxed with splendiferous candlelit repasts of aristocratic blood plasma […]


I’ve got my eye on you.

Yeah — I’ve got my eye on you. On you … and your perfect physique. Your face is rather forgettable, and you exude absolutely no personality here at the gym. I have not dared speak to you because I do not want to be disappointed by your voice. You do the Tom of Finland physique […]

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