I am sometimes asked where I get my ideas for painting and writing. In these times, of immediate, constant and comprehensive commercial media and social media documentation of occurrences, images and ideas, it can be difficult to find ideas and motives for both painting and writing that have a possibility of permanence/surviving from one month […]

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Emptiness giving birth to nothingness.

  All of my art, poetry, novels, novellas etc. approach Nothingness as a concept … a condition and all-encompassing entity which is ever struggling to manage a collective and individual framework within which fleeting perceptions, emotions, preoccupations with materiality, spirituality/religion, politics etc. all flash in and out of a greater emptiness — as hopeful distractions […]

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Deconstructed pond …

Like many visual and literary artists, I am constantly in search of new forms of expression. In painting we seem to have gone the entire gamut — from Photorealism to abstractions in all possible forms. Not so very long ago we have seen the grinding down of Minimalism to the monochromatic. New ideas in art […]

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Reductionism in painting.

Reductionism in visual art has always been my utmost fascination as a painter. While there are many ways to achieve a semblance of exaggerated simplicity and minimalism, my own personal favourite reductionist style is Suprematism. Like Malevich, to me the ultimate painting is that which is closest to either a blank canvas or a glare […]

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