Essays: examples of my photo book criticism.

(Adam Donaldson Powell, selfie) EXAMPLES OF MY PHOTO BOOK CRITICISM: ALBERT RUSSO: A professional photographer finds his «inner tourist». Review of «Norway to Spitzberg», photography by Albert Russo; published by Blurb Inc., 580 California Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA, Price: US$31.95, published in 2007, hardbound, glossy paper, 144 pages (also available […]

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Photography by Adam Donaldson Powell.


adam photographer




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urban jungle grafitti pix grünerløkka and gamle byen 2010 018

Street art images from the Frogner neighbourhood (Oslo).

urban grafitti 2010 030

Street images from the Grünerløkka and Gamle Oslo neighbourhoods (Oslo).

Documenting the street art of The London Police in Oslo

Documenting the street art of Logan Hicks, Shepard Fairey, Martin Whatson, Faile and Will Barras in Oslo

Documenting the street art of D-Face and Galo in Oslo

Documentation photography from Nepal – 2006 (on my Saatchi page).

portrait og two young men

Photo documentation of #Occupy Oslo.

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I am sometimes asked where I get my ideas for painting and writing. In these times, of immediate, constant and comprehensive commercial media and social media documentation of occurrences, images and ideas, it can be difficult to find ideas and motives for both painting and writing that have a possibility of permanence/surviving from one month […]

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SURVIVOR. Yeah, he’s a survivor … His alcoholic mother has breast cancer; and his ‘dad’ left long before he was born. Living in a trailer park has its perks: no one really cares if you stay out all night … or for days on end, for that matter. Yeah, he’s a survivor … His sister […]

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