NO MORE WALLS. HUG A MEXICAN TODAY. “America … no te reconozco.”

Trouble accessing this great video? If so, then TRY THIS LINK! AMÉRICA, NO TE RECONOZCO. Imágenes de mi patria destruídas por la realidad: fronteras cerradas, sospechas y paranoia inherente … impresiones digitales obligatorias … registro electrónico de inmigrantes … guerras preventivas de guerras. América, no te reconozco. (Shhhhh …) América … No te reconozco … […]

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Extreme poetry: “All is going to Hell — After the Rapture”.

(PAINTING AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM DONALDSON POWELL) AFTER THE RAPTURE. ASCENSION. In an instant, the orgasmic tingling of the Great Compassion transmutes physicality into crystalline Light, thus releasing the new-found frequency to find completion in the vortex of universal vibration. And meanwhile, a gentle rain falls upon the Earth; cultivating awe and aspiration in those […]

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SURVIVOR. Yeah, he’s a survivor … His alcoholic mother has breast cancer; and his ‘dad’ left long before he was born. Living in a trailer park has its perks: no one really cares if you stay out all night … or for days on end, for that matter. Yeah, he’s a survivor … His sister […]

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Extreme poetry: WHISPERS – a poetry collaboration between Adam Donaldson Powell & Diane Oatley.

Photo: Adam Donaldson Powell WHISPERS…. I Differentiate dream from vision: I heard a voice telling me it was so softly in whispers become fingers insistent each a separate story in whispers become a hand coming to rest assurance on my brow smudging wrinkle away from shadow Shadows become whispers sliding into sleep, dreams descending to […]

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Le Gibet (The Gibbet)

Humanoids are weird: 1) we create celebrities, 2) we follow their demise with alacrity, and 3) we immortalize their humanity Le Gibet (The Gibbet) The stench of five-dollar perfume and embalming wine wafting around the barfly’s sunken eyes and drooping cheeks held a bizarre mystique that I couldn’t quite place at first. But her incessant […]

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Singing the poetic blues.

Another foggy day … I sing the blues. PEER GROUP HEROES. to inner-city true believers, average is the ugly consequence of weakness and error — their idols being tv immortals, and greatest foe time. suitably, peer group heroes inspire the less visible with eloquently-layered lies — and not once disassociate mask from morality. DOG DAYS. […]

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