And thus spake AzSacra …

TRIUMPH OF LIFE: Swastika of Life vs. Swastika of Death”: SEE VIDEO HERE!   DEATH OF THE BLACK SUN: SEE VIDEO HERE! (photo courtesy of azSacra zaRathustra) AMERICAN REVOLT 0 SEE VIDEO HERE! “THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT HANDS OF GOD” — written by Adam Donaldson Powell and azSacra zaRathustra. Presenting the introduction to “The […]

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Wiccan poems.

@The Archetypal Kouros Seated before the altar at the Minoan Palace at Knossos, I drink thirstily from the chalice of Divine Essence. The intoxication I attain from the nectar of sacrifice tightly binds the scrotum of my devotion, and demands unconditional surrender. Finally, as the relentless frenzy of my invocation reaches an orgiastic climax, I […]

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… two beautiful poems by Rumi (13th century): “ATLANTIS RITUAL BRACELET”: design channeled by Adam Donaldson Powell, made with silver and gold, semi-precious stones and crytals. Note the Atlantis design featuring concentric circles bridged by a cross formation and the symbols from the Universal Language of Light (as channeled by Laila Holand, Norway). “TRANSFORMATION PENDANT”: […]